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So you are looking for good recipes to cook at home, Its been long you have though to give it a try to cooking, and since you were busy in other affairs you did not get the time, most of the time busy buddies do not find much time to take offline cooking classes and hence opt for online cooking classes free for everyone. Cooking is an art which not only make everyone others tongue tasteful but you get a great compliments if you really did well.

The internet is full of easy recipes that impress anyone, but i know if you are a girl, who is looking for easy recipes that impress the boyfriend, then internet is the best place, you will find the best cooking websites 2013 reviewed everywhere, but the one that are meant to teach cooking basics for beginners are very few.

I have been watching this cooking space since long and i realized that there exists few top cooking websites that most of the people follow regularly, moreover there are sites that are self hosted by best cook in the world, while these cooks also participate in popular magazines as columnist.

 cooking websites 2013 list

1) www.bbc.co.uk/food

The BBC website has food zone specially designed for foodies and buddy beginners. The site has more then 15,000 recipes that fall in easy to difficult category. The recipes listed here are also taken from popular cooking shows and guest cooks from around the world. The site allows you to prepare a checklist for ingredients required to cook any supper. The site is well read in mobile and allows you to create account with them , in order to save your favorite cuisine.

2) www.bbcgoodfood.com

Another popular site for those who are looking for quick and easy recipes, although site is not limited to easy one and has different categories. The BCC Good Food is join venture between BBC and Good Food Magazine. The site has enough recipes to cater your needs.

Top Superstar Chefs as seen on Televisions during cooking show, also  run state of art cooking websites, that has hundred and thousand of recipe list and other how tos.

3) Jamie Oliver


British Chef who had published several cookbooks, hosted various cooking shows and one of the most popular chef in united kingdom and united states.

4) Nigella Lawson


Nigella Lawson is real time foodie and one of the top chef who’s cookbooks are read offline. She has written various books on cooking and recipe, you can also check her creations in official website.

5) Delia Smith


UK’s most popular cooking celebrity and best selling author. She has written some of the good cookbooks catering every level of readers.

Few of the supermarket stores do have their own recipe websites :

6) Wait Rose


7) Sains Bury’s


8 ) Tesco


The above listed top 8 are the best resources anyone can have, if he/she want to cook good food in real life. Let us know if you know any other great site and we will ensure it to be mentioned above in the list.

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