is it possible to see who visited your facebook profile?

Who are more interested in this stuff, offcourse “girls” tops the chart. Why? because they want to see who’s who is visiting there profile, so what is it? this is crap? a big all time scam on facebook which keeps on rolling time to time and when reported Facebook takes action and remove it. People instead of using facebook advertisement programme to get  Buy Facebook Likes , utilizes such method to trap users.

 i knew that no such things exist over facebook since beginning, neither Facebook official claims to have such apps in network , but people get trapped in such scams, as it goes viral if you would click on link and allow app to use your details.

But recently one of my friend asked, whether it is really possible to view who has visited your profile in facebook? when i checked her profile i found someone has made a post on her wall, and it is none other then another viral scam. See this.

visitors who visited my profile

When you find such things tagged,posted on your wall by your close friends, you get easily fascinated towards it and become curious to give it a try, and this is where you get trapped and it goes like chain, someone else will get trapped because you joined the league and app has accessed your timeline and posted same spammy message to attract your friends.

Knowingly i thought lets give it a try to this link and whatever happens i will share with my users, and when i clicked on the link saying “facebook app for visitors info” , a new window opened, which was like this.

facebook visitors info app

Now as i have allowed app to access my details , the page is popping the redirecting message, if you will click on this alert, then the chances are either you will redirected to some phishing page, some facebook fan pages that looks ugly and makes no sense. Even spammers redirect you to some website through this strategy to get traffic to there websites.

and you may end up on these things :

facebook profile visitor scam

So guys, it is absolutely not possible to see who visited your profile so far, all these fancy stuff moving around is nothing but spam, that works on emotional attack principle.

Mind it there is no facebook profile visitor software,apps or tracker.the only suggestion is stay out of it.

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