lloyds split ac models price in India

If you are planning to buy Split AC for your room this summer then this post might help you to some extent.  You must have heard about various brands in this segment, or may be you have tried few. but today we are discussing about Cooling products i.e split AC from LLoyd Company. Llyod  is a 500$ million group which excels in air conditioning and cooling appliances since 55 years. Along with cooling appliances they also manufacture Television Sets and Various Home Appliances. If you remember Karan Johar Used to come in ads of LLyod Television Sets couple of years ago.

If you are the person who is not able to decide between O general split AC and LLyod then we will make your decision making simpler.  With the LLyod Split AC you will find installation to be very prompt, can say on the same day of delivery. The quality work involved in installation cannot be questioned at all. You can start using it as soon as it gets installed.

The best part of LLyod Split ACs are Energy Saver and price at which they are offered which ranges between 15k to 25k,  If you do a small bit of research in the market you will find that the cheapest split AC that is of 5 star rating will cost you 25k + .

The LLyods Split AC comes with motorized swing function along with motorized Fin Movement which i found in O general.  If we talk about look and feel of the AC then LLyods indoor and outdoor units finish and touch is commendable.

You will find accessories like copper pipes,drain pipes, tapes, wall fitting with the new box. Now if we talk about warranty , then as available with any other air conditioning manufacturer, Compressor which is made by hitachi covers 5 years of warranty while other parts have 1 year on demand service warranty.

3 Free on demand service are offered that need to be consumed withing 1 year of period.

It is suggested to people to have a look on various range of products offered by LLyods before making any decision. You might get best deal in reasonable price. We are enlisting some of the new released models along with there price for your convenience.

LLyod FLS13A3C  - 1.0 Ton  - Rs 17,490

lloyd fls13a3c split ac

LLyod FLW18M2  - 1.5 Ton – Rs 17,990

Lloyd 1.0 Ton Split AC

LLyod FLS19A3C – 1.5 Ton – Rs 21,990

Lloyd 1 Ton Split AC

LLyod FLS19A5G – 1.5 Ton – Rs 24,990

LLyods 1.5 ton Split AC

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