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Different Mobile phones have different sizes and they areĀ availableĀ in plenty, while you are still in deciding factor and browsing around the web to get the best mobile phone according to screen size comparison and still you are flipping around web pages and comparing each one by one , then you do not need to waste your time now. There is a website which gives you facility to compare any mobile phone with other that exsist categorizing them on screen size basis only. Can say sort of online web application which allows you to choose your handsets and then the sizes and it will display the difference in size on screen placing each mobile one after another. You can add as many mobile phones as you want. I have tried this application and found very nice innovative approach. here are few screens.

mobile phone size comparison

Compare Here

Good thing about this web is it gives basic spec details of phone too. Most of the blog owners used to take this website as reference for there comparison purpose. While others find it suitable in judging before landing to retail shop.

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