Supply chain management in big bazaar

The Super Bazaar is one of the most popular markets in all metro cities because everything is available under one roof right from vegetables to garments to toiletry goods.One can enjoy going to the Super Bazaar to browse around for whatever he/she want.

The best thing about the Super Bazaar is that everything is placed in a very orderly manner. things of the same kind are stacked together on shelves so that it is easy to locate and pick up whatever one wants. for example, all the toiletry goods like soap, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush and so on are stacked on shelves of one section of the bazaar. All the pulses and lentils are stacked in an orderly manner in polythene bags of different bags of different weights.

big bazaar

Again, confectionery items such as bread, buns, eggs, etc. are kept together and jam, cheese, squash and juice tins and bottles are placed side by side. There is a separate counter for ready made garments, children clothes, purses, medicines, bags, and so on. Thus it is very easy for even a child or illetrate person to buy things from here.

Another advantage of this arrangement is that as one goes through the rows of selves one often spots things which one has forgotten to add to one’s shopping list. Further one spots new item that might have come to the market. Somehow, it is connected with supply chain management.

shopping trolley cartThe big bazaar authorities have provided trollies for those who buy a lot of items together. So one wheels the trolley through the rows of goods and keeps putting whatever one needs in the trolley. then one goes to the cash counter and pays for everything.

This system of allowing the customer to pick up what ever he needs by himself, instead of it being handed out by the shopkeeper necessarily puts a lot of trust in the customer. It would be very easy for anyone to pocket small items. however, the faith of the authorities perhaps makes people honest enough to pay for whatever they pick up. Such startegy also known as big bazaar marketing strategy.

shop productsThe Big Bazaar is a government plus private agencies collaboration and run undertaking no profit no loss principle against government while private firms earn a lots from there. Again, prices are fixed therefore there is no bargaining either. Yet again, one is also sure for getting genuine staff. A lot of people therefore like to patronize the super bazaar.

Thus, the big bazaar is a good effort of the government to provide the common man everything under one roof at a reasonable price. it is hoped that more such bazaars would be opened so that everyone has easy access to them.

Supply Chain Management:

One of the good example for SCM is big bazaar only, where all analysis between products base on this system only. For e.g., if in market ABC product have high demand then retailers stock that product in huge quantity rather then other products demand. It varies in terms of population, season and sometimes adoption culture.

supply chain management

All arrangement also comes under this system only, with bread if you placed jam or butter then customer can consume that also, thus on selling one, market analysis sells another item also. Supply chain management system is the systematic, strategic coordination of the traditional business functions through which any company or firm improving on its business and make customer for a long time.

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