Spanish festival Tomatina-tomato war celebrates in town

Internationally popular annual festival Tomatina;

tomatoUnder 45,000 peoples Spain city Bunol celebrates its Tomatina festival, several peoples says this event origin from the same city Bunol, but its now very popular and celebrates almost every place.

Tomatina is the festival in which everyone ran for a peaceful battle, creates between people, fighting with tomatoes, some said this festival as tomato-war also. But every year lots of tomatoes are wasted out due to such event, this year also more than 120 tonnes of tomatoes wasted.

Since from 1945 year every August of the calender its celebrates in narrow street where everyone fight with tomatoes and continues with dance, music and lots of fun and parties. This festival even celebrates for three days continue, end up on last night.


Festival starts with the traditional mark of rocket launch after that everyone throws the red tomatoes on to another and try to defense individually in such manner all this tomato battle ends.

After battles ends the whole city try to recover the clean of the street than all together and eats the delicious food, most of them also having tomato in the dishes and celebrates this eve.

Young side of the countries can start marketing purchase new clothes, trendy gifts, delicious foods, some how drinking while others just enjoy with friends. Every year here lots of tourist also comes and join Spain for celebrate such huge festival with them.

tomato2Tomatoes flying here and there, when fully loaded 5-6 trucks came and unloaded those tomatoes to whole narrow street, everyone pushes others to got those tomatoes in large number, some slips while some just visit and enjoy from outside, they not actual participate there. Almost all young and the tomatina lovers peoples part in it and start the battle.

Other spectators,media-photographers are the evidence of that party, almost everyone after a tomato war looks red in color along with dress.

End of the party: After 60 minutes another alarm through that rocket burst only, to end the war. At last everyone just shake hand with opponent, and gave best wishes. Lastly, waiting for another year when such Tomatina celebrated. Tomato pulp scattered in the street are use for other raw purpose.endt

Just part and enjoy this festival !

Life is a Journey and i believe if one has to enjoy it to the fullest, then he has to travel till last mile. Love to dance,play chess and dream about world tour.

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  1. Njoyed this festival last year in spain ,full of fun

  2. La tomatina of festival incredible from right now. La Tomatina festival Bangalore derived or comes from Spain where tomatina celebrates since 1945

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    That’s extremely imformative. I appreciate you all of the material.

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